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Project Description
.NET class for easy and fast xml connections between your website/software and supported SIP/XML phones.


With OgonPhoneXML you can create xml code for different XML Web Browser phones, you can use this project for ASP.NET Web Sites, Softwares and more....

XML SIP Phones Supported:

Aastra SIP Phone ( Family 67xxi)---Complete
Cisco SIP Phone ----- Partial




C# Example
using OgonPhonesXML.Aastra;


Aastra6757i p6757i = new Aastra6757i();
p6757i.IPPhoneConfigurations.addConfigurationItem("sip server", "");
p6757i.IPPhoneConfigurations.addConfigurationItem("sip server port", "5060");
p6757i.IPPhoneConfigurations.Beep = "yes";
String codeReturnXML = p6757i.getXML()); //this code return an XML String formatted for Aastra SIP Phones

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